Monday, September 11, 2006

An Ideology of Hope?

Matt Lauer, Katie Couric's (former) resident bootlicker, is talking to the president this morning. Bush has said we're fighting an 'ideology of hate' with an 'ideology of hope'. That sounds good, but are we actually doing that? As I see it, Bush's ideology of hope means everyone bends knee to Jebus Christ, whether they want to or not. This 'ideology of hope' is dog-whistle rhetoric to evoke the Jebus to his base, and sound good to people who aren't thinking enough. Bush is going to cram Hope down your throat, right after he blows up your house and family. Oh, and he's going to give away your country to his friends and you can buy it back someday if you can afford it.

Forcing Jesus is an ideology of hate. We're fighting an ideology of hate with an ideology of hate and greed.

On a related note, I have a question to ask the president: "Mr. President, some have suggested you're too stupid to hold a pair of scissors, let alone the highest elected office in America. To your credit, I don't quite believe them, but I would like to know whether your ultimate goal as so-called Unitary Executive is to sell off the country piece by piece to corporate conglomerates, shredding our liberties in the process, or rather to shred the Constitution and institute Mosaic law as interpreted by christian terrorists and turn this country into what Margaret Atwood called the Republic of Gilead?

I'm just curious about his answer, is all. Two masters, yadda yadda.



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