Saturday, August 04, 2007

Hate Congress; Hate Executive Branch More - Vol II

This is a letter I sent to my congressperson. Gah! I be so frustrated with them.
Dear Congressperson,
I am dismayed at the Democratic leadership. It seems strange that I'm using that word so often, but here again I am, dismayed at the Democratic leadership. Caving to the least-liked president in a century (and closing in on the coveted 'worst. president. ever.' award) on illegal spying on Americans? What is going on in your collective mind? America is against this president and against the war; if you're cravenly and crassly working solely for votes, it makes no sense to cave in to this monster of a president. And if you care about the American people and your constituents, then it makes no sense to cave in to this monster of a president. I can't seem to figure out why you would cave and give up the balance of your Constitutionally-appointed duties of oversight of our national security.
Maybe the consultants, the yes men who surround Congress like vultures have befuddled the mind of the Democrats into thinking that caving in on an important security issue makes them look strong. But they do not know the hearts and minds of the American people. They cannot know, because they believe that we do not matter. They believe that the American people should not be listened to by those we have sent to Washington to run our government for our benefit.

We elected a Democratic majority to Congress because we believed that they, not the Republicans, would listen to the American people. I am trying hard to keep believing that. I really am. But by not opposing this president's ruthless dismantling of democracy, the Constitution, and the liberties it protects with every fiber of your being, with every breath you take, you fail again and again to live up to our expectations. I am dismayed at what you and your ilk hath wrought, and if you cannot listen to the American people when they are so fully against your actions, then this Democratic majority does not deserve to stay in office.
Thank you for listening.


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