Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I changed the name of this here blog. One day I'll get a Dwarf Mode to rival that of Pirate Mode, but for now, this is The Angry Dwarf.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Inaugural Post, I Guess

So here I am, throwing my hat into an already bloated ring. Out here, the wheat and chaff are quickly separated. So let's give it a try. I'm not sure what this 'blog' is about, yet, but maybe I'll get there eventually. For now I'm going to vent towards anyone who wanders by.

In Which I Decide to Get Political

The Washington Post asks us if these new Abu Ghraib pictures surfacing 'wrench us further away from...closure'. You're right they do, and they should. We have no right to closure, not when those who have perpetrated, encouraged, and ordered this degrading treatment still free, unpunished, shooting 78-year-old men in the face, slaughtering innocent civilians and pen-raised pheasants by the truckload. The current American government is built on a foundation of terror-mongering, lies, and corruption. They want to keep us afraid of the bogeyman so they can sell us to the lowest bidder.

Vent the First (of the Thermal Kind)

I miss snow. I love to watch it fall. It brings pure, ecstatic joy to my heart. Snow instills a feeling of purity to me, no matter how far behind I have left my provincial religion. Whenever there is snow, I have hope. I can acknowledge that snow drives others crazy. Snow can make travel more difficult, yes, in my mind its benefits outweigh the drawbacks that are largely due to human laziness and stupidity. Snow is a buffer that safeguards against spring droughts, which will impact the entire midewestern state that I have lived all my life in.

I live in a midwestern metropolis that has seen less that six inches of snow all winter. This is not a new phenomenon. The last great winter we had was the winter of 2000; each winter since then has been a grave disappointment to me in terms of temperature and snowfall. Tonight and tomorrow we are prophesied our first real snow of this winter; I imagine it will pass to the south of us. It always does. Any real interesting weather in our area slows down and goes south of us.

Oh well. There's my lament. I may perk up if we actually do get snow tomorrow.