Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dem Primary Debate - Live Comments

Go watch it yourself. I'm just going to put comments up here so I don't scream at the television.

6:02 - Kucinich is a creepy elf.

6:03 - Kapow! Lightning Round!!

6:05 - Hillary says a good, blanket, bedrock statement.

6:08- Biden says we must 'change the fundamental premise' of the occupation. Oh, god. Segregation and partition of the lands probably won't work. Kurdistan is a non-starter in the region. Obama toots his own horn about opposing the war as a state senator. Woot, I guess.

6:11 - Kucinich makes a good point - we should put the frakking war funding in the DOD budget, and not bootstrap this shit.

6: 15 - Richardson is my President Crush at the moment. I don't know if he can win the nomination, but I think he's a great choice for Secretary of State given his recent foreign policy wins. As of now, I'm planning on caucusing for him. 10 months out, though, so who knows.

6:38 - Sorry, but I'm back now. Steak and potatoes called out, and were suddenly silenced.

6:41 - Hillary wants more gun control. At least we can reinstate the assault rifle ban. At the very least.

6:44 - Hooray for a show of hands! Biden supports the assault rifle ban. Good.

6:47 - I wish there were more time for specifics about each health care plan. Obama didn't say how we'd pay for it.

6:52 - The Confederate Flag belongs in a museum. Right on.

6:57 - Biden says smaller classes and increased teacher pay. Personally, I'd be for breaking the relationship between seniority and pay.

7:05 - Gravel's kind of coot-ish, but at least his low polls give him the freedom to say interesting things.

7:07 - Is Richardson kind of a Dean-ish figure for this race?

7:11 - Dodd - stateless terrorism is the biggest threat we face, not nations, and needs multinational action.

7:18 - Dodd is pro-civil unions. The first person to broach the topic tonight.

My roommate won't let me switch over to the new Smallville. I wish my old tv was up and running.

Last Update: We switched over to Smallville after we got fed up with off-topic responses.


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