Monday, April 16, 2007

Over the Edge

I am beyond rage today. Usually, I can summon up the spark of indignation in response to the latest O'Reilly idiocy, or fascist theocrat talking point, or Malkinizaton of the facts by Reich Blogistan.

But today I'm just spinning my wheels. The deaths in western Virginia and the subsequent capitalization on them by pundits and talking heads and gasbags is just too much. "If we all had Uzis and 5o cals on us at all times, each and every Murkan coulda wasted that guy in no time." Just. Fucking. Stop. For today. Just. Stop.

They can't. I know. It's what they do: capitalize on tragedy. One of the recent examples I'm reminded of is O'Reilly taking advantage of a drunk driving accident to further inflame his Low Information Viewers against Teh Brown Menace, and Geraldo's Moustache calling him on this shit.


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