Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hate Congress; Hate Executive Branch More

Congress is a spineless sack of shit. Those worthless gasbags who voted to send yet another blank check into the endless meatgrinder that is our war of choice should resign their positions and seriously consider taking pistol to brain. They don't deserve to represent the American people any longer. They are utter failures, and our military's blood is on their hands.

That said, the Bush Junta is a bigger and more immediate threat. Dems, I'll still vote Democratic, but you can be sure as fucking hell that I will work tirelessly to defeat you in our primaries and kick your spineless asses out of office. We need real leadership and real representation. This week only clarified your catastrophic lack of either.

You won't be the first up against the wall (metaphorically) in our revolution; the fascists in the executive branch are more pressing. But don't think we've forgotten your failures here this week.


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