Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday Slacking - Grog Blog: Lunar Ale

Hey hey! So it's Saturday, and as I promised, here's my Grog Blog about Boulevard's Lunar Ale. It's late, but I'm ready to have more beer. I'm watching The Lost Room on DVD now, but you deserve my beer ramblings. Head down to More Dwarf.

Poured out in the glass, it's a nice, cloudy brown color. Almost more of a dark orange color, with a head of foam that holds up, but isn't an impenetrable barrier.

First sip - There's a bitterness that quickly diminishes. It's a full taste, high up in the front of the mouth.

It's a nice brown beer, but nothing special.

Five out of eight beers. On the Microbrew scale, it's probably a Mike.



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