Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Grog Blogging: Windmill Wheat

Ach, ye great galoots! It be time fer the Grog Blog. Windmill Wheat be our grog this night, buckos. If'n ye want me opinion, then head below decks for More Dwarf.

Okay, enough of the Scotch-Dwarf-Pirate talk. Tonight we're drinking Millstream's Windmill Wheat, the first beer from our Sample Pack. Previously I had tried their John's Generations White, which was not from the sample pack - I nicked a bottle from a 6-pack I bought for my sister. Anyways...

It's got a bit of a bite. A better body, and much more interesting, than the John's Generations. It's a bit wheaty, yeah. All in all a pretty good beer.

Scoring: Six out of Eight pints.
This is probably a Charlie beer. I know I'm a fan of Mike beers, usually, but this is good.



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