Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Grog Blogging: Bell's Lager Beer

Hello and welcome back to Friday Grog Blogging. This week, the last week of April, I’ll be discussing Bell’s Lager Beer, a "Lager of the Lakes". Continue on to More Dwarf for my review and scoring.

I wanted to go for something lighter this week, after last week's 'classic' red/porter. I wasn't disappointed. It's definitely lighter.

Impressions: Clear and yellowy, this is just beer. Your grandpa wouldn't be afraid of this beer. Heck, I bet even my cousin who won't drink anything but Miller Light couldn't find anything to hate about this beer. It's actually kind of bland. Light, foamy, it disappears down the throat effortlessly and tastelessly. Almost too much foam. A bit disappointing in its directness.

Final Score: Two out of Four Pints.

May 4 Rating Update: On the new scale, this translates into a 3 1/2 out of 8 pints.



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